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Chris Broussard reacts to Kawhi Leonard's 35-pt performance in Game 5 | NBA | UNDISPUTED


Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Kawhi Leonard's performance in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Find out why Chris is clearly impressed by Kawhi's 35 point game including 7 rebounds and 9 assists.
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Chris Broussard reacts to Kawhi Leonard's 35-pt performance in Game 5 | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Vor Monat

    Can Kawhi close out the Eastern Conference Finals in Game 6?

  • Mark W

    Mark W

    Vor Monat

    @Real Medz , the bucks did better then I thought they would. I honestly thought they played over their heads the whole season. None of the experts even had them finishing number 1. It was supposed to be between Boston and Toronto. The bucks were picked to finish 3rd or 4th behind Philly. So it was quite a surprise they did that well this season. I mean, honestly looking at their roster, no one really sticks out

  • kasandra211


    Vor Monat

    Yessss he can and he did:)

  • Real Medz

    Real Medz

    Vor Monat

    @Mark W dwl bucks inexperience cost them..remmeber they where number one in defensive and offensive i did expect them to put up a fight..Toronto has the experience though...

  • GoldenBoy


    Vor Monat

    He just did

  • zacH from Houston

    zacH from Houston

    Vor Tag

    I swear to god when slip is wrong he just says “okkkaay well” and then proceeds to try and make an excuse for why he’s not correct, never fails lmao

  • Jarmel Bennett

    Jarmel Bennett

    Vor 5 Tage

    Skip is pathetic 😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Horne

    David Horne

    Vor 10 Tage

    Skip if if if if give the man credit

  • Kristopher Heck

    Kristopher Heck

    Vor 14 Tage

    It's dirty under that carpet 🤷

  • 12th Man

    12th Man

    Vor 16 Tage

    *7:28** For those who are making skits after The Claw wins Finals MVP*

  • Alajouwan Turner

    Alajouwan Turner

    Vor 16 Tage

    Skip u expect perfection from human beings

  • David Bailey

    David Bailey

    Vor 18 Tage


  • john licardo

    john licardo

    Vor 18 Tage

    literally no one: Skip Bayless: MMMMM

  • Karl Williams

    Karl Williams

    Vor 24 Tage

    What people aren’t getting is the fact that he’s comparing him to Michael Jordon, the greatest player of all time.... Haha

  • Donovan Cutler

    Donovan Cutler

    Vor 25 Tage

    Imagine if kawhi was doing this on the spurs

  • U. Gajaanan

    U. Gajaanan

    Vor 26 Tage

    Skip just dead wrong

  • Joey Belmondo

    Joey Belmondo

    Vor 27 Tage

    Do you guys realize that this proves that If Lebron shot 93% from the line he’d still get roasted by skiuuuuppp !!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Crude Wan

    Crude Wan

    Vor 29 Tage

    The guy in the green tie looks, sounds & acts like a version of Keegan-Michael Key.

  • LR94 1123

    LR94 1123

    Vor 29 Tage

    I don’t know why they entertain Skip 🙄😂😂

  • Javier Delgado

    Javier Delgado

    Vor 29 Tage

    I like listening to Broussard but you have to admit his admiration of Russell Westbrooks triple doubles were all for nought. Give me playoff wins not triple doubles in a league where playing defense and playing all out is optional. Russell Westbrook is the guy that plays really hard even when no one else is. Colin cowherd was right on this one and I was with him all the way.

  • Mark Jamson

    Mark Jamson

    Vor 29 Tage

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  • Mark Jamson

    Mark Jamson

    Vor 29 Tage

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    Vor 29 Tage

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  • Stevyn Jackman

    Stevyn Jackman

    Vor 29 Tage

    Skip's hating is hilarious

  • Dustin Brann

    Dustin Brann

    Vor 29 Tage

    Warriors in fo

  • Neo Smith

    Neo Smith

    Vor Monat

    Typical White Man!! Hates On The Black Man!

  • Lil Poovey Vert

    Lil Poovey Vert

    Vor Monat

    Shannon..Can I interest you in that? Skips response.. Can I interest you in 0-4 lmaoo

  • Ramah Scott

    Ramah Scott

    Vor Monat

    Skips and idiot

  • Dayron Owens

    Dayron Owens

    Vor Monat

    skip..... come on skip lol #2 is the truth

  • Stef Free

    Stef Free

    Vor Monat

    Shannon fried him at 3:50 with the opera lol

  • Darren Mullen

    Darren Mullen

    Vor Monat

    Skip's constant patronizing "oohs and aaahs" are absolutely hilarious in the most pathetic way

  • Matthew Scott

    Matthew Scott

    Vor Monat

    This video has under a million views, yet is "trending" in US

  • Jervis Flowers

    Jervis Flowers

    Vor Monat

    The more he tries to detract from the guys success, the more bitter and pathetic he looks. I think he is looking for recognition. He wants Kawhi to mention his name or respond to him in some way. Sorry buddy! Not gonna happen. Just let it go.

  • James Noles

    James Noles

    Vor Monat

    Please fire both these clowns

  • James Noles

    James Noles

    Vor Monat

    Skip just argues what ifs and contradicts himself lol

  • Gabriel Arnett

    Gabriel Arnett

    Vor Monat

    Congratulations too the #Toronto #Raptors for winning the #ECF against the #Milwaukee #Bucks, and who will be going too the #NBAFinals in franchise history for the first time in 24 years.. #WeTheNorth, Skip Bayless take ''DAT'' you #HAATTEEERRRRR..

  • Sophy Li

    Sophy Li

    Vor Monat

    why they quarrel?

  • Lamar big Dallas

    Lamar big Dallas

    Vor Monat

    LOL LOL let's see if Chris brings up LeBron name like he do every single day every single time he will probably compare LeBron NFL player / defensive ends maybe even Tom Brady. .. lol let LeBron pound his mrs.

  • Korrey Courts

    Korrey Courts

    Vor Monat

    Skip has no shame

  • Jay Money

    Jay Money

    Vor Monat

    Skip is tryna get him a Morton Endorsement. All this salt I’m seeing. Sheesh

  • Roger Perfet

    Roger Perfet

    Vor Monat

    If you're getting attacked by 3 guys alone in your back court with 23 sec left on the clock, you better pass the ball out before they triple team you and force a turn over and easy basket. Because they won't foul with this much time left on the clock in a 3 on 1 situation.

  • Patrick Savage

    Patrick Savage

    Vor Monat

    I wonder when Lebron goes up against Kawhi next season, who is Skip gonna hate on more?

  • Bob Czz

    Bob Czz

    Vor Monat

    ALL these games are rigged. They are using remote control balls. Just Google remote control balls in NBA.

  • capralean


    Vor Monat

    Yes, this show comes on here in Toronto :)

  • Roshawn Grimes

    Roshawn Grimes

    Vor Monat

    kawhi can walk on water... Skip: thats only because he cant swim

  • Pardovani Dominique

    Pardovani Dominique

    Vor Monat

    Skip is annoying like for real. I'm getting annoyed at this show. Not sure if I can trust him anymore. If he continues I'll unsubscribe. This is. Crazy.

  • LifeisaJourney 7

    LifeisaJourney 7

    Vor Monat

    Skips dislike for Kawhi makes him say dumb things. Just looking for issues just like with Lebron. How can you take him seriously if he can’t give a fair assessment on someone’s performance. On that regard respect to Chris. He the real MVP when he is on this show.

  • Muñoz 38

    Muñoz 38

    Vor Monat

    If Kawhi beats this warriors team, he puts himself in the goat convo with Bron and Jordan

  • Lookingupward92


    Vor Monat

    If Kawhi wins the championship Skip gets a heart attack

  • CONAN-FA18


    Vor Monat

    Skip has lost credibility as a commentator. He has lost objectivity. Can you be a valid sports “analyst” with so much hate for one player he has a personal vendetta against. Shameful. Fox. Is their no requirement for integrity and respect? Skip publishes his life story as some revelation of his version of a hard life??? Kawhi’s father was shot dead in Compton as a youngster!!! He still fought and clawed his way to NBA greatness. Skip needs to stop presenting himself as a religious man. Khawi’s injury in San Antonio turns out to be real, NOT WEAK and NOT FAKE, proven by the fact that Toronto had to manage his games and minutes this whole season to the tune of some 20 games, did they not? Skip and San Antonio owe that man an apology for how he was treated last year. Slandered for being a quitter on his team and his coach and city. The man said he was hurt and this year’s team’s trust in him and management of his health has payed off with a trip to the finals. A truly religious man would admit that he unfairly slandered another man, an especially quiet and humble man, and apologize to him publicly. To refuse to speak another man’s name is about as ungodly as it gets. Very ashamed of Skip and Fox for sponsoring this kind of behavior. I LOVE Shannon Sharpe as a player and commentator. But I’ll never watch this show again while Skip “God-Less” spews hate for athletes he disrespects. His actions have nothing to do with the fair and objective critique of another human being. If it is all just about entertainment, then even that should not result in refusing to speak a man’s name. People say it is the attitude of the millennials that are ruining our society with their sense of entitlement and their self-absorption. and detachment from traditional morality. Skip must be pushing 70...How are this elder’s words, actions, treatment of his fellow man, and personal example serving to bring us closer to our neighbors?

  • Primo H

    Primo H

    Vor Monat

    Shannon Sharpe is amazing..keep grinding O.G

  • Eric Smith

    Eric Smith

    Vor Monat

    Usually, I don't mind Skip, but he is so bitter about Kawhi leaving the Spurs. He used to talk about how amazing Kawhi was when he played on the Spurs.

  • bruticus smash

    bruticus smash

    Vor Monat

    LOL! These shows and Facts. Thats hilarious!

  • Vince Bautista

    Vince Bautista

    Vor Monat

    I wish i had a gun long enuff to hit Skips head, Man he stupid hope he doesn't reproduce.

  • L V

    L V

    Vor Monat

    Skip! This is truly sad man 🤦‍♂️

  • i fucked rondo #9's mom

    i fucked rondo #9's mom

    Vor Monat

    Demar derozan punching the air right now

  • BlackWrist Prod.

    BlackWrist Prod.

    Vor Monat

    Skip is a hater

  • Tyler Howard

    Tyler Howard

    Vor Monat

    26 seconds left on the clock....he's in the back court which can lead to a 8 second violation....the three Bucks look to be trapping not fouling. Skip is full of salt and it's pathetic for a man his age to act like a child.

  • Isaac Hunt

    Isaac Hunt

    Vor Monat

    That play wasn't brogdon fault when it came off his foot. It was bledsoe's fault, he should've made the basket.

  • Isaac Hunt

    Isaac Hunt

    Vor Monat

    I am the only person who noticed that kawhi hair hasn't grown in years

  • Craigslist Reply

    Craigslist Reply

    Vor Monat

    Kawhi really gonna give Skip a heart attack from irrational hating lmaooo this bum actually hating on kawhi for passing out of a triple team

  • Ben Simmons

    Ben Simmons

    Vor Monat

    Skip is a fool man 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • john margolies

    john margolies

    Vor Monat

    Has skip ever won an argument

  • Dapper McNuggets

    Dapper McNuggets

    Vor Monat

    Nobody: Skip: mmmhmmm hmmmm mmmmmmh

  • P Jones

    P Jones

    Vor Monat

    93% @ the free throw line.... "DIploooom" oh KAwHi Leonard.... My bAdd.... duDe is Doing the MoSt!!!!

  • drakon master

    drakon master

    Vor Monat

    Skip is actually dense.

  • Toxo 27

    Toxo 27

    Vor Monat

    Skip the most petty and stupid man in the NBA world

  • Emanuel Lopez

    Emanuel Lopez

    Vor Monat

    Hatred just blind this guy

  • Sensei


    Vor Monat

    I swear skip's bias is out of control. I'd really like to see a show with just Shannon and Chris. They both talk objectively for the most part and don't have double standards. *cough cough* unless talking about Lebron lmao

  • Alton Coker

    Alton Coker

    Vor Monat

    IF this show had a name different than SKIP. MAYBE I would like it better BUT this foul talking guy is what this show subjects it's viewers to. IF, MAYBE , SHOULD OF ,COULD OF , WOULD HAVE ,.... REMEMBER this is THE PISTOL PETE JAYLIN ROSE told us about. Lol 4 point Skip Payless. Skip is so weak. Big cry baby 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Macsaviour


    Vor Monat

    Skip just said icing the game is more important than winning it 😭😭😭

  • cartelzo


    Vor Monat

    Skip such a pu$$y

  • Dongjae Lee

    Dongjae Lee

    Vor Monat

    Oh my god this is unwatchable. Skip jokes on u

  • john carlo Florentino

    john carlo Florentino

    Vor Monat

    Wehehehehe. I like skip but man is he bitter that kawhi left san antonio. Hehehehehe. Very funny! ROFL! :)

  • George Prchal

    George Prchal

    Vor Monat

    Kawhi needs to find some way to play with LeBron on a team with Aaron Rodgers as a part owner. It would he the Holy Hatrinity.

  • Austin Full

    Austin Full

    Vor Monat


  • SAINT 65

    SAINT 65

    Vor Monat

    Senile Skippy, When a Basketball Team is leading; a "smart" team avoids stopping the clock. #Duh Hater!

  • Gray _

    Gray _

    Vor Monat

    Great take from Skip. That was a 14-minute 'discussion' for this. Kawhi must have played reeeaaally well for Skip to have to choose this take: "the pass was dangerous" was all he could think of. It's so ridiculous, it's so Skip. I'm excited for Kawhi's next great performance. Lebron might not be in the Playoffs, but man Skip's having a more difficult time with Kawhi hahaha

  • Frederick Jackson

    Frederick Jackson

    Vor Monat

    Man open, you pass the ball to the open man Skip. Basketball 101!

  • Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones

    Vor Monat

    Skip should cheer #2 if he manages to beat the Warriors that is a black mark on Lebron as he couldn’t...

  • BlaqAdam


    Vor Monat

    Skip bleeds Haterade

  • Lavamelogaming 9

    Lavamelogaming 9

    Vor Monat

    Everybody: kawhi is actually dope af Skip: 🤡

  • Oc reed

    Oc reed

    Vor Monat

    Why skip hates kwahi so much..smh

  • kasandra211


    Vor Monat

    They are playing good cup bad cup

  • Carnagethesvge 30

    Carnagethesvge 30

    Vor Monat

    Man is skip gonna be mad this morning

  • SpartanK07


    Vor Monat

    Skip Bayless is the white Mr hanky

  • LucidoMafia


    Vor Monat

    skip im sorry my dude Shonuff gave them that work

  • cov ky1

    cov ky1

    Vor Monat

    Skip really hates kawhi

  • Chino Cuhz

    Chino Cuhz

    Vor Monat

    Skip Bayless stay hatin on Kawhi

  • George Saygan

    George Saygan

    Vor Monat

    Can't watch this anymore - Skip uses the same **** every episode. Love shann but skip is annoying

  • AK W

    AK W

    Vor Monat

    Skips crying reminds me of my 2 yr old. You give him an icy pop and he cries for candy, you give him a piece of candy and he cries for You cant satisfy him either way.

  • Dima


    Vor Monat

    Watching loser salty Skip babbling about nonsense - priceless!

  • Spencer K. Poon

    Spencer K. Poon

    Vor Monat


  • cfairfax85


    Vor Monat

    Love skip..but sometimes he's a real hater who doesnt like to be wrong.

  • Aaron Paul Leabres

    Aaron Paul Leabres

    Vor Monat

    Skip still mad at Kawhi. Give it a rest, Skip. It will take toll on your health with this negativity.



    Vor Monat

    Who would Skip diss if the Finals was RAPTORS VS LAKERS???.... would he diss Bron or Kawhi or both???

  • Gustavo Guevara

    Gustavo Guevara

    Vor Monat


  • Man O'Neal

    Man O'Neal

    Vor Monat

    Why is Skip Bayless still a thing? Like, enough bro. Can we move on?

  • Joe Montano

    Joe Montano

    Vor Monat

    Gotta stop drinking that HATERADE Skipper🥴

  • foxman4455


    Vor Monat

    Skip just hates Kawhi for last season with Spurs. Its the same with Lebron James. It is so obvious how he lets his emotion affect the opinion he has on a player. He will do everything to fins flaws on Kawhi , not thinking that there may be another reason for what happend with the Spurs, and forgetting the fact that he (Skip) is NOT a superstar NBA player!!

  • Active Goon

    Active Goon

    Vor Monat

    Skip is a fucken duchback

  • TazTalksYouListen


    Vor Monat

    There is something clinically wrong inside your brain if you elect to watch this whiny mooncalf parade instead of Inside the NBA on TNT.

  • Active Goon

    Active Goon

    Vor Monat

    What you mean hoe

  • Singye


    Vor Monat

    But when kawhi did take the shot in game 7 agsint philly with simmons chasing him and embiid contesting the shot, what does skip say "the luckiest shot i've ever seen". u cant win with this guy

  • kaspafischer


    Vor Monat

    I watch this almost every day now just to get a hearty laugh out of Skip really making a fool of himself... hahaha

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